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Car Locks, Trailer Locks, Van Hitch Locks and Posts

Barriers Direct is delighted to offer you the best in car security devices. Our range of car locks and posts help guarantee safety at an affordable rate. Our steering wheel locks sport a simple, effective robust construction. They can be easily fitted to most vehicle steering wheels and are safe to use with or without airbags. It features a highly developed British lock that is pick-resistant, with over a million possible key combinations.

For car locks that are more advanced and highly rated by care safety experts, try the Autolok 2000 Plus. Although larger in size, it works as a strong deterrent against theft thanks to its highly visible security arm made with maximum hardened steel. This car lock is resistant to hammering, use of crowbars, drills and hacksaws. It secures both the car and airbag from theft. Its ability to fit on steering wheels of all standard sizes means they also make for good wheel locks for trailers and vans.

Another variation that works well is the handbrake-to-gear-stick lock. These discount locks work by locking over the gear stick to the handbrake, making it impossible to move the car. It works on both manual and automatic vehicles. They can be used as trade vehicle locks and are small enough to be stored in the glove compartment when not in use.

The Bulldog drawbar eye lock is good for preventing coupling of drawbar eyes. It comes fitted with the trademark Bulldog super-lock bolt. These trailer hitch locks feature an anti-drill centre pin and an easy-to-operate lock bolt. Bulldog hitch locks are another good option, ensuring a caravan or trailer cannot be towed away. Strongly built and equipped with the Bulldog Super Lock Bolt, these are one of the best trailer locks the UK has to offer.  

For those that do not prefer the use of trade vehicle locks, it is possible to secure their vehicle using a removable hitch post. When properly positioned, this alternative to trailer locks ensures that the vehicle cannot be reversed out of its parking spot until the owner comes in to unlock and remove it.


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