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Browse our huge selection of Tensabarriers. These retractable stretch belt barriers can be used to control large crowds, work brilliantly for queue management, and can mark off VIP areas or out-of-bounds work zones. 

The Tensabarrier is simple to install and super easy to use. High-quality belts provide great longevity, and can stretch to an optimal length of 3.65 metres, covering a huge surface area.

Our stretch belt barriers vary in length, design and price. Get your Tensabarrier swiftly with our express delivery option, or simply opt for free UK delivery. 

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Tensabarrier Retractable Stretch Belt Barriers

Take a minute to browse our wide range of quality Tensabarriers. We offer a wide range of belt barriers in a variety of designs that can be used to control crowds, manage queues, mark dangerous work zones and much more.

Our range includes the Tensacone transform TC114 toppers. They can be easily fixed atop standard traffic cones. They possess 4-way connectivity and are loaded with military-grade belts secured by anti-tamper tape to ensure longevity of use. They have been optimally set to a length of 3.65m for the retractable belt tape.

For a taller option for organised events, barrier posts equipped with Tensa webbing is also on offer. Our Tensabarriers for high-traffic areas comes with a shorter 2.3m tape that is stronger and more durable than the alternatives on the market. The cast-iron branded base helps to keep the post stable and difficult to move. Our outdoor tractable barrier post is a good choice when looking for a more lightweight solution. The base can be filled up with materials like soil or water to keep the stanchion standing in place. Emptying it when dismantling the barrier makes the parts easier to lift and transport.

Our heavy-duty retractable barrier posts are also a good option for outdoor and indoor areas with high traffic. The post weighs in at a hefty 7kg but its recycled rubber base has carry handles for trouble-free transport. Our QueueWay economy stretch-belt barrier is a great indoor choice for indoor crowd control. It comes with the 2.3m belts, braking system and a locking tape to prevent accidental release.  

We at Barriers Direct also have some of the best wall-mounted retractable belt barriers the UK has to offer. They come in varied options such as the heavy-duty 3.65m tape, clamp-fixed 4.6m tape with clip end and the glass-fixed 4.6m with wall clip. For these and more functional and stylish Tensabarrier options, visit us at Barriers Direct today.


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