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The traffic mirrors we stock are specially designed to keep you and your passengers safe. We must be extra cautious when driving on our roads, and road safety mirrors are a vital part of minimising the risks of accidents. 

Browse our selection of multi-purpose, high-quality, and cost-effective road safety mirrors today. Act now for your own protection.

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How do traffic mirrors work?

Traffic mirrors give drivers a better view of the road and help them gain a heightened awareness of oncoming traffic. The reality is, there are many hazards on our roads that drivers need to be cautious of. In certain weather conditions or on sharp road bends, drivers may find it harder to spot hazards due to poor visibility. That’s where traffic mirrors can come to the rescue. 

One of the most common types of roadside mirrors is convex mirrors (curved and bulge). They are perfect for providing you with extra visibility. But how? 

What are convex traffic mirrors?

A convex mirror (sometimes simply called a curved mirror) is a type of road safety mirror that’s curved outwards. The purpose of this curved bulge is to expand the field that’s visible in the reflection, making them ideal for improving road safety. Although there is some distortion in the reflection, the bigger the curved bulge means the wider the reflection. 

Where can you use traffic safety mirrors?

So where are road safety mirrors usually placed? Where can you use your own convex safety mirror to help minimize the risks of an accident? 

Roadside mirrors are multi-purpose and are useful in a variety of spots, just as long as they are not positioned in a way that interferes with the visibility or privacy of others. Some of the spots you can use traffic mirrors in include but are not limited to:

Shop our roadside mirrors and convex traffic mirrors now. Depending on how and why you use them, they can be ideal for positioning on your driveway, a tight-spaced car park, or even in and around a warehouse.

We also have a selection of industrial and warehouse safety mirrors available. These can be installed both indoors and outdoors to increase awareness of possible danger or any hazardous situations. 

Purchase your convex safety traffic mirror now!

We have a wide selection of reliable and durable convex safety mirrors for you to browse. Act now to protect yourself and others from any unwanted accidents. We also offer free delivery in mainland UK. Purchase yours today!

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